Adobe Interview Experience SheCodes-Internship

Hello !! Myself Bhavika Badjate.

I applied for the Adobe SheCodes internship when I was in my third year. This was my first ever test for an internship, it was exciting but I found it harder than I expected it to be.

Round One-

  1. Cognitive (30 Questions, 30 min, level — easy)- English and Verbal questions (paragraph based)
  2. Technical (20 Questions, 20 min, level — easy)- basic questions on C, Cpp, DBMS, Operating System
  3. Coding (2 Questions, 20 min, level — easy) i. program to find the greatest number between three numbers. ii. Number divisible by some numbers in between two numbers

Round Two-

  1. Cognitive (20 Questions, 20 min, level- easy to medium)- English and Verbal questions (paragraph based)
  2. Technical (20 Questions, 20 min, level- easy to medium)- basic questions on C, Cpp, DBMS, Operating System
  3. Coding (2 Questions, 20 min, level- medium)- i. Sum of all the prime divisors of a number. ii. Sum of largest contiguous subarray
  4. gamified Round- There were 3 subsections Gamified round based on 1. Inductive Logical Thinking, 2. Grid challenge, 3. Switch Challenge. The toughest challenge was Switch Challenge but overall I enjoyed it a lot Refer to this to get more idea about gamified round

Overall the test was of medium level. I enjoyed it a lot especially The gamified round. After 4 days on 4th November, I got a mail

“Congratulations! You have been shortlisted for Adobe virtual interview process basis your test scores. Adobe team will get in touch with you directly to schedule interviews in the next 1 month.”

I prepared a lot for next month. But it takes too much time due to COVID and many candidates were selected by them. I found lots of students from tier 1 colleges are getting selected one by one after reviewing their profiles I got demotivated Because I thought I don’t have that many skills.

In December, I got mail… And I was like hurra!!

“I’m delighted to let you know that we would like to move ahead to the next stage of the process with you (technical interview) for the Product internship role at Adobe, but we will have to wait till Jan 4th as Adobe going on a year-end holiday from Dec 23rd to Jan 4th.”

From that day, I started studying the content of DP, Trees, and other topics from the SDE Sheet. In February, I attended Grace Hopper Conference India and I got a chance to talk with recruiters from adobe. I asked them to look at my interview process. and they told me to share my resume once again.

At the end of February, I got a call from the recruiter and she asked me to schedule my interview. I took 7 days of preparation time and filled out the availability. My interview was scheduled for the 3rd of March.

Round Three- Technical Interview

The interview went for about 70–80 minutes. The interviewer gave his introduction and asked me to give mine. I introduced myself and it started. Then he go through my resume and asked me about my projects. and we discussed almost 5 minutes about the projects and skills that I have.

Then he asked me to share my screen and asked the first question. The question is from the strivers SDE sheet (Two Sum). It was an easy question. I started with the brute force solution and then he asked me to code the optimal solution. I was able to code but I missed some edge cases. The interviewer gave me some examples and asked me to dry run the code. while dry run I catch some edge cases and change my code. he was quite satisfied.

After this, he asked me questions from trees(data structures). The question is about binary tree zigzag traversal. I explained my approach the but he was not satisfied with it. he gave me some hints. Then I again explain his approach. This time he was satisfied with my answer. After this, it took 6–7 minutes to code. Then he asked me about some basics like, what is are Heaps. The internal implementation of vector, heaps, stacks, and some follow-up questions is based on this.

After this, he gave me a puzzle: you can check this puzzle, The puzzle is quite easy. Then he asked me some operating system questions. some questions are really basic but some questions I was not aware of. so, I was not able to answer those questions. At the end of the interview, I asked him a question about the work culture of Adobe. He talked to me about 5–6 minutes apart from the interview.

After the interview

I was quite satisfied with myself and waited for a long time. After 15 days I got a reply from the recruiter

Firstly, thank you for applying to our internship position this year and showing patience throughout the process. We received unprecedented interest in our internship positions. We have very few available openings remaining, and we hope to identify all our interns by Mid-March. We understand that you might be eager to finalize your internship placement, and we wouldn’t want you to lose on great opportunities elsewhere due to our timelines.

Based on the availability of positions, we will reach out to you regarding the next steps. We thank you for your patience.

This mail was really disappointing for me. But this journey gives me lots of lessons. This journey is the turning point in my life.

Lessons I learned from this experience

  1. During the process, I build a lot of connections on LinkedIn due to which I was able to find new opportunities.
  2. Improve my resume and LinkedIn profiles. Apply for each opportunity.
  3. This process gives me a very important lesson which is patience and belief in the process.
  4. Practice more questions
  5. Ask the interviewer about the edge cases
  6. Need to improve my communication.
  7. Dry run and Explaining Intuition are really important.
  8. Speak after thinking it, use correct terms while explaining.

Well, It was a great experience for sure.




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Bhavika Badjate

Bhavika Badjate

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